Friday, May 23, 2008

Meyer Lemons

These are so good, but tough to use up!  I have a tree that just won't quit and we are about to start our second crop of meyers.  No complaints, just looking for ideas and recipes.  A week ago I made a big batch of marmalade which didn't come out so well.  I think I will try a different recipe and see how that does.  Next up, though, I will make some jars of preserved lemons.


Marsha said...

Lucky you! :)

If you're desperate, you could juice the lemons and freeze the juice (use ice-cube trays, then pop the cubes into a ziploc) for later use.

kmberrien said...

Good idea! I actually have several bags full of juice cubes left from when I made Limoncello last fall. I've been using it for lemonade and sorbet. Definitely a good problem to have, but still overwhelming!