Saturday, March 24, 2007

Feeding our Boy

Boogie is our nickname for our elder son. He is quite a boy. He is also known in our family as a "perpetual motion machine" because he is always on the go. Literally. He moves all over the place in his sleep, and when he gets sleepier he gets more active! This is why he has always been categorized as underweight and a "failure to thrive" case by his doctors. He was a hefty 8 lbs 4 oz at birth, but has tracked in the 3rd percentile for weight for most of his life. He is about to turn two. My task is to raise a kid with a broad and sophisticated palate and to keep trying to put weight on the boogie! I am dedicating this blog to my adventures in feeding him. We have another son who is only 4 months old at the moment. We will start feeding him food other than breast milk soon, so my comments on his eating habits will appear here too.

I am what many would call food-obsessed. I love food, all kinds, and have very high standards for the types of foods I will feed my family. I insist that I develop children with broad palates. It will make their lives better in so many ways! This is at times a battle because my husband does not hold the same food standards as I do, although I am working on him! He is more of a food-from-a-box type of guy, thanks to his mother who fed him a steady diet of processed foods when he was growing up. After 3 years of marriage to me he is starting to appreciate my way of eating, and reluctantly agrees that we should instill this in our kids. So here's to the good life...good food, good fun!

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