Sunday, September 2, 2007

Eat Local Challenge - Day One

Yesterday marked the start of the newest Eat Local Challenge, which I have decided to participate in. My rules this time around are as follows:
1. I will buy only local produce and meat/dairy products
2. I am not giving up coffee, but will buy only from local roasters
3. I will buy all pasta, bread and baked goods from local sources
4. I will make as many bread and baked goods at home as I can
5. I am not giving up seasonings, spices and sugar, but I will limit them to what I already have on hand in my cupboard
6. I will cut back on eating out, and will primarily eat at restaurants that focus on serving local and organic foods (we'll be visiting Chow a lot).
7. I am not giving up alcohol, but will limit it to what I have on hand, or I will buy locally produced wines.

Day one was easy, it was way to hot to do anything so I stayed home with my boys and ate what we had from our CSAs. No problem!

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